$$299per year

Per Additional Family Member

$$99per year

Plan Features

  • Free whitening – 2x a year

  • Free cleaning – 2x a year*

  • Free exam – 2x a year

  • Free x-rays – 2x a year

  • Free emergency exam – 2x a year

  • No waiting periods

  • No claim forms to submit

  • No dollar caps on services

  • No limits on number of visits

  • No deductibles or maximums

**Regular Cleanings Only. Scaling and root planning (SRP) are not included. ​

Cheap Dental Discount Plan


Procedure UCR Fee* Member Pays Savings
Comprehensive Exam $90 NO CHARGE $90
X-Rays $121 NO CHARGE $121
Adult Teeth Cleaning $94 NO CHARGE $94
Panoramic Radiographic Image $145 NO CHARGE $145
Whitening $99 NO CHARGE $99
Porcelain Crown $1132 $905 $227
Deep Cleanings/Scaling and Planing $249/quad $199/quad $50

Our discount plan is for you if :

  • You don’t have PPO insurance

  • You want the finest oral health care

  • You want a plan that includes free whitening