Why Us?

Why Us? 2018-02-18T07:01:19+00:00

Not the average dental practice

Valley Ranch Family Dentistry is an independent dentist owned and operated dental office. The experience at our practice is significantly different when compared to the typical dental office

How we are different

  • We are not corporate owned
    We are an independent dentist owned and operated practice. You will see the same dentist every visit.
  • Our dentists do the cleanings. Not a hygienist.
    Our dentists want to be part of your entire oral health, even the boring repetitive tasks that could be done by someone else.
  • We don’t try to see multiple patients at the same time.
    We see few patients, but each patient gets our full attention.
  • We don’t make you wait.
    We value our patients time. We know you are busy and aim to see you on time, every time.
  • We live in the same community as you.
    Our dentist and staff live in Irving. We shop at the same grocery stores as you and we care about the community. You will often find Dr. Khambaty debating about why the Irving Whole Foods has not opened as yet (which if you know, please tell us!).
  • We don’t push treatment.
    We will never pressure you for any treatment. We will advise you and answer any question you have to your satisfaction, but the decision to go ahead with treatment is always yours.
  • We don’t charge you for your own dental records.
    Your dental records are yours. Want to get a second opinion? We’ll support you fully and provide the other clinic with all the information they need. Your dental health is important and we encourage getting second opinions.
  • We are affordable
    Our foremost goal is to be affordable to our patients. We accept most major insurances and have very affordable self-pay rates.