Dr. Sakina Khambaty cares about your smile. She is a lifelong learner that participates in post-graduate studies to hone their skills and stay in tune with advances in dentistry. Our dentists adopt therapies and tools that increase quality of care and elevate patient comfort and satisfaction.

  • In-Chair Massage: We have integrated massage units in each of our dental chairs. While it creates a better experience, it also helps reduce anxiety for our anxious patients.
  • Intraoral Cameras: During your checkup or new patient exam, we take photos inside your mouth with an intraoral camera. This small, handheld device provides detailed images of teeth and soft tissues that the dentist uses to explain findings and suggested therapies.
  • Digital Cameras: We take digital photos of your smile to aid in treatment planning and to document your smile’s transformation.
  • Chairside Monitors: Rest comfortably while we display X-rays and intraoral photos on a computer monitor beside the treatment chair. Immediate availability of these images facilitates education and treatment planning.
  • Electrosurgery: Our dentists use electrosurgery instead of a scalpel for a variety of procedures. Electrosurgery employs a high-frequency electrical current to remove gum tissue and provide safe, efficient treatment. Bleeding is minimal and trauma to surrounding tissue is less than with traditional methods of surgery.
  • Digital X-Rays: We use digital X-rays instead of traditional radiography because of increased safety (up to 80% less radiation), immediate accessibility to the images, and easy retrieval and transmission.
  • Panorama XRay: Our state of the art Panorama X-ray machine delivers two-dimensional images of the entire oral cavity. We digitize pictures to increase clarity and aid in fast, efficient diagnoses of dental problems.
  • Wax Ups: The dentist may create a wax model of your smile that depicts the benefits of specific treatments. A wax up is a useful tool to show your new look and help you decide which procedures are right for you.
  • Nitrous Oxide: We offer Nitrous Oxide for our anxious patients. It has been proven to be an effective tool to helps patients with high anxiety relax.

Learn more about our restorative therapies and tooth replacement options, and call Valley Ranch Family Dentistry today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Sakina Khambaty. Our conveniently located dental office provides personalized service and one-on-one care to residents of Valley Ranch, Las Colinas, Coppell, Carrolton, Irving and beyond.